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Teaching is not just about imparting skills or technique - though good technique and an understanding of it are imperative. It is about so much more than that. It is about unearthing what each performer has inside them, tapping into it, bringing that out and using it to help breathe life into their performances. 

Carrie Sutton Coach

Carrie is a highly experienced freelance coach and mentor in all disciplines including singing, dance and drama, with a speciality in musical theatre, integrating acting through song, and preparation for vocational college entry auditions.


She has run large-scale musical theatre workshops nationally and at Pineapple Studios, London, and taught Ballet, Jazz and Voice at West London School of Dance. She has also led workshops in schools around the United Kingdom, as well as sessions in all disciplines for Stagecoach and Theatretrain theatre schools. 

Carrie offers a range of one-to-one workshop sessions to help you get the most of your talent. 


Oklahoma Rehearsal - Jud


Perfect exam or audition material for vocational college or drama school entry 

Oklahoma Rehearsal - Promenade square


Work on existing choreography to refine, troubleshoot and push performance

Oklahoma Rehearsal - Carrie Sutton


Develop and perfect good vocal technique for performance, public speaking and vocal health

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To make a booking or discuss your requirements further then please fill out the contact form and I would be happy to discuss matters with you. I am happy to provide a 10% discount for multiple session bookings   

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