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“I have a thirst for losing myself in stories. Words, their music, power and pace, are something I thrill over.  I love to explore people and their relationships - what makes them tick, what drives them, what their hopes, dreams and aspirations are - what flaws they have and how they are imperfect. I have always been fascinated to discover the different dynamics between people. As an actor, that’s ultimately what the job is I suppose.  As a writer I can take this to another level. I can use my own experiences and opinions to create characters with real identity, dysfunction and idiosyncrasy, but I also give them a story to voice. I can say something I feel passionately about through them.

I am, and have always been, A Story Teller."


Carrie has had two books traditionally published: After the Break-Up: A Girl’s Guide and Plastering Over The Cracks


When Carrie left her ex, there was nothing on the market to help her through the bad times. She wanted a book that would shine a light - and help her laugh along the way. But there was nothing out there besides self help guides or magazine articles. She wanted something that was true, someone’s real story. So she decided to write it herself! That’s where it all began...


Following the successful publication of After the Break-Up: A Girl’s Guide, by Big Finish, Carrie went on to write Plastering Over the Cracks after her harrowing experience of the IVF process. Again, she writes in the first person - again to 'shine a light.’ 


Carrie continues to write and is currently immersed in the penning of a young adult fantasy trilogy. 


Carrie is also a freelance writer.  For their opening season at Upstairs at The Southern Cross, Carrie appeared in, and co-wrote, Bosom Buddies, a two-hand cabaret evening with Jenna Boyd and Alex Parker. She scripted and produced The Show That Goes Like This, which premiered at the Jermyn Street Theatre, with writing partner James Hume, which returned there for an encore performance due to popular demand. She has also written feature articles for and made contributions to, Kent on Sunday; Stagedoor Mag; The Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph; The Ascend Actors Group, Oz Blog and Glamour. 


Carrie Sutton After the Break-up: A Girl's Guide

After the Break-Up: A Girl's Guide​

When Carrie left The Ex, she wanted something to help her through the bad times. Something real... someone's story... A true-life Bridget Jones, with good advice on life, love (men!) and dating.  So she decided to write it.

"Sharp, funny and hugely entertaining, Carrie Sutton charts her life in the year following the Big Break-Up. The bad dates... the good friends... the times when you think you can't go on... and the moment you realise you are finally OK on your own. Uplifting, truthful and wise... as a feel-good remedy, it does everything except order you a cab home at the end of the evening!"

Carrie Sutton Plastering Over the Cracks

Plastering Over the Cracks

Plastering Over the Cracks brings the reality of IVF and the resulting challenges into sharp focus through the eyes of a young woman on the verge of emotional collapse. Honest, brave, unflinching and incredibly moving.

Carrie's second book is her soul laid bare through one woman's struggle to come to terms with her current situation. As the couple battles through IVF, the reader hops through time listening in as their life together starts to come away at the seams. ​

Carley Stenson

A fun, realistic, enlightening read
(Look Magazine)

After The Break-Up: A Girl's Guide

Brian Sibley 

... a sharply observed, painfully honest and, as result, immensely moving account of one woman's struggles to achieve motherhood via the emotional roller-coaster of IVF. Men and women alike will find this a poignant journey...

Plastering Over The Cracks

Amazon review

I read your book about three months ago and I can honestly say that it has changed my life. As I was turning the pages there were so many similarities and I wasn't event married yet and it got me thinking...

After The Break-Up: A Girl's Guide

Carrie Sutton writes with style, wit and insight about a problem we’ve all had to face at some point in our lives. It’s a must-read for those who’ve just come out of a relationship – a blueprint for survival for women and a lesson for men!

Alistair McGowan


on After The Break-Up

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